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The celebrated lyricist, Edwyn Collins could only say two phrases after waking up: 'Grace Maxwell' and 'The Possibilities Are Endless’. This is the incredible story of Collins, a songwriter who had the contents of his mind effectively deleted after experiencing a stroke. Placed inside Edwyn's mind, we embark on a remarkable journey from the brink of death back to language, music, life and love. With the help of his wife Grace, Edwyn submerges himself in a landscape of memories, as he tries to unlock the story of his past. More than a story of determination against all odds; it is an intimate and life-affirming tale of rediscovery.

  • The Possibilities are Endless
  • The Possibilities are Endless


The first the world heard of Edwyn Collins was in February 1980 with the release of ‘Falling And Laughing’, the debut single by his band, Orange Juice. It would be another two decades before Edwyn and his band’s endeavours would be belatedly recognised as a key foundation stone for indie music, particularly in Scotland where Primal Scream, Belle And Sebastian and Franz Ferdinand would all follow, and acknowledge, Orange Juice’s trailblazing example. In the interim, Edwyn took Orange Juice into the Top 10 with 1983’s Rip It Up, perhaps the epitome of their Velvets/Chic punk-funk hybrid, complete with Buzzcocks-homage guitar solo. Edwyn immediately embarked on a solo career, though it would be ten years before he found himself back on Top Of The Pops with 1995’s iconic ‘A Girl Like You’.

The Film Makers

Lovelace and Hall graduated from the UK’s prestigious Bournemouth Film School in 2006. They were shooting music videos for Pulse before making their first film, Werewolves Across America, a documentary about the DIY indie music scene in the US. The film was selected to screen at Denmark’s CPH:DOX and the UK’s Raindance Film Festival. They followed up in 2012 with Part of Me, a historic and intimate look into the life of global pop star Katy Perry, which on release became the 4th highest grossing music documentary of all time, taking in excess of $32,000,000 at the box office.

  • The Film Makers
  • The Film Makers


AED Records are delighted to announce the release of the accompanying soundtrack album of The Possibilities Are Endless on vinyl and on CD. Featuring music from the film by Edwyn Collins, Carwyn Ellis and Sebastian Lewsley, the album features previously released tracks along with new original soundtrack recordings produced by Edwyn, Carwyn and Seb at West Heath Studios, London. Available to pre-order now.

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  • Endlessly rewarding

    Film 4

  • 4 stars


    The Sunday Times

  • 4 stars

    Beautiful, mysterious and poetic film

    Mail on Sunday

  • Richly humane and emotionally expansive

    Big Issue

  • Touching and honest

    The Independent

  • Fascinating

    The Evening Standard

  • I honestly can’t remember when I last saw a happier screen couple

    Mark Kermode, The Observer

  • 5 stars

    A poetic testimony to the power of love and the indomitability of the human spirit


  • 4 stars

    Time Out

  • 4 stars

    Innovative, funny and ultimately touching


  • [a] beautiful documentary


  • Taps into a deep reservoir of beauty and compassion

    Stephen Dalton, The Hollywood Reporter

  • Essential watching

    The Independent

  • One of the most distinctive, formally experimental and moving documentaries we've seen in a long time


  • 5 stars

    Romantic and terrifying… a remarkable film

    Henry Barnes, The Guardian

  • 4 stars

    Hushed, delicate and moving-beyond-words

    Little White Lies

  • 5 stars
  • Thoroughly entrancing


  • The purest cinematic love story you’ll see all year.

    Ben Rayner, Toronto Star

  • A love story, a tale of dedication, mystery and memory

    Phil Gallo, Billboard

  • A hopeful, life-affirming and romantic look at the life of one of Britain’s greatest songwriters


  • Moving... Beautiful, mesmerising... The Possibilities Are Endless is full of hope

    Craig McLean, The Sunday Telegraph

  • Alternately heartbreaking and life-affirming, this is a hauntingly abstract and beautiful portrait of the healing power of love.

    Matt Shiverdecker, Austin Movie Blog

  • Rare is such a method of narrative and visual exploration


  • A transcendent experience... entrancing and thoughtful

    Moveable Fest

  • A truly exemplary entry into fully sensory cinema

    Hot Docs

  • A celebration of the sheer joy of living

    Euan Ferguson, The Observer

  • Moving and captivating, the possibilities truly are endless. Hall and Lovelace have created a masterpiece

    Row Three